Marketing Automation

If you’re partnering with Red Lab on digital marketing, you’re driving a lot of leads and visitors to your website. The next step is to ensure your business has a process and strategy in place to turn these leads into customers.

This is where a CRM and Marketing Automation come into play. Marketing automation combines technology, data, and design to build a revenue engine for your business. Red Lab helps businesses:

  • Track and organize leads in a CRM
  • Build process flows for internal lead notifications and sales outreach
  • Develop workflows for automated communication to prospects
  • Design emails and SMS messaging for effective lead nurturing
Marketing Automation

Certified HubSpot Partner

At Red Lab, we use a lot of tools and platforms for our digital work, but the platform we love for Marketing Automation is HubSpot. Red Lab and our team at Vested are HubSpot Partners, which means we’re certified as experts within the platform and adhere to the high performance standards set by HubSpot.

Whether your business is evaluating HubSpot as a CRM platform, have just purchased one of the HubSpot Hubs, or you’ve been using HubSpot for years, our team can help you take advantage of all the benefits and features of the platform.

Turn More Leads Into Customers

It takes time and a well-orchestrated strategy to convert new leads into customers. We love helping our clients build a CRM and Marketing Automation strategy that truly is a revenue engine for the company.

We’d love to have a conversation with you about your marketing automation and/or HubSpot needs. Contact us today!

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