Sure, a lot of people can design a pretty website. But will that website convert?

Web design businesses are a dime a dozen. We’ll admit: some of them can make really nice-looking websites. But what’s the point of a nice-looking website if it doesn’t help your business make money? Red Lab Technologies has a team of expert designers who specialize in delivering beautiful, responsive websites that convert.

Case Study


A full redesign took this site from a standard, non-responsive Github template to a fully responsive WordPress website. Discover how we brought this website into the modern era. 


“So you build websites?” Why, yes. Yes we do.

WordPress is our content management system (CMS) of choice. In fact, we’ve designed and developed over 300 WordPress sites. Red Lab’s development team has over 23 years of combined experience working with WordPress, building everything from small websites to extremely complex financial web apps and plugins.

Not a technical person?

No problemo. At Red Lab, we understand that the vast majority of business owners aren’t web developers. They simply have a challenge and want a solution that works—without all of the geeky terminology. That’s where our team of project managers comes into play. Led by our CEO Greg Jass, who in his own words is “simple minded,” helps translate your real-world problems into technical terminology so that our geeks can solve them.


You just bought a Lambo. Are you going to put regular fuel in the tank?

Of course not; you’re going to put in premium. The same holds true for your shiny new website: it only makes sense to put it on premium server. At Red Lab, we supercharge all of our sites with WPEngine’s industry-leading, WordPress-only dedicated servers!

Red Lab partnered with the leader in WordPress Hosting, WP Engine, in 2015. In 2016, Red Lab was named as #1 of 16 Preferred Agency Partners worldwide. In 2017, over 25% of all US web traffic was routed through WP Engine’s data centers. Red Lab has three dedicated Google Cloud servers with WP Engine, and is a top 10 partner. These investments provide our clients with the latest in hosting technology and security before most others.

Case Study


This company saw an increase of 300% in traffic upon the launch of our website redesign. Learn more about this project by clicking the button below. It’s worth you time, trust us.


Great! We are too!